snapshots of summer

A quick overview of what I have been up to these past few weeks ~

Oblivion for besties birthday*St Yves for Goldfish Summer Sensations*Birthday Girl*at the cricket test match*Welcome to Summer pool party*out fr the day with mom*St Yves again*birthday braai*Obliion again*Out for the day at the St James*Group shot at St Yves*pool party with my Bradley*At the Cape Royale for the day*besties at the beach*dinner cooked by Bradley

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a new room ~ a new start

For months I have been looking at redoing my bedroom, and let’s face it, I am no interior designer, I have no knack for such things, but it needed to be done.

This year, starting January 2013, I start my 1st day as a GAP student teacher at a school her in Cape Town. I made the change from office life to teaching as I feel this is more suited to me and i am VERY excited for this challenging new change in my life, 2013 is the year!

So, after much procrastinating, I managed to complete the redecoration process (couldn’t have done it without the help of my lovely boyfriend, who pretty much called the shots and made it turn out beautifully)

And without further ad … the BEFORE pictures….

Shocking I know!

And now the AFTER pictures…

And that’s that!

Here’s to a great year :)


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synergy live 2012 ~ theewaterskloof dam

Festival Map

So last weekend was the long-awaited for SYNERGY weekend.
We were full of anticipation as this year was to be a new venue, and no one knew what to expect. The venue was in fact at Theewaterskloof Dam, and what an incredible venue it was, big ups to the synergy event organizers for that!

About and hour and a half drive from Cape Town, the drive is beautiful and not too far to be a mission. The one and only complaint I have is that the parking facilities were far too far away from the tents and carrying ALL of your stuff for the whole weekend is just NOT fun in 30 degree heat. But besides that, I cannot fault anything else. The toilets were always clean (and for someone who generally ALWAYS buys WOSHBOX, this was a big deal), the food was amazing and had plenty of variety to suit everyone’s tastes. Big ups to the Biltong guy, possibly the best invention at a festival. ever.

Despite the wind, Saturdays weather was amazing, spent at the dam as it was the only place to get cool. Water sports, tanning, floating and the like took place and it was all amazingly relaxing.

Blue sky's and up to 30 degree weather, lilo's were the favourite of the day on the dam, thousands of people enjoying the weather and the coolth of the water, jamming to Matthew Mole, Matthew Mole performing, boys being boys :)

It eventually got so hot the only way to stay cool while listening to the bands was to wet t shirts and scarves and wrap them around you. Crazy days :) Hands down my two favourite performances of the day were Al Bairre and Matthew Mole, incredibly talented!

Then as the sun went down, the heat abated and there was a feeling of excitement in the air. The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful, and all the festival goers took a moment to appreciate our beautiful surroundings, a once in a lifetime experience.

Just look at that sunset!

The acts for the evening were all just too incredible for words. The electro stage beats were mesmerizing and festival goers were all as one, enjoying the night and beats. Jack Parow and Prime Circle were the two acts I really wanted to see and they did not disappoint, although Jack Parow did for some reason lay the same song two and half times?!

Jack Parow, Prime Circle x 2, Electro Stage

All in all this was the most amazing weekend and I just wanna go back! Good time with incredible people and a very tired Cath at the end of it all :)

Good friends all round :)

Did you go to SYNERGY? What were your thoughts?


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Christmas wishlist

I created a Christmas wishlist with quite a bit of though behind it this year. Next year I start a year’s program as a GAP Student Teacher, so all my Christmas wishlist items are geared towards my aims and goals and needs for next year.

- A voucher from Cotton On and ZARA – I am very picky when it comes to clothes, so I like to be able to choose them myself. And this year it will school-appropriate clothes :)

- A voucher from TYPO for all my stationary needs, and to do up my room as that is my DIY project these holidays.

- I have wanted a rose gold or a silver watch for months now, I am very specific when it comes to the look, but either colour is beautiful to me. LOVE the chunky watches.

- And then all sorts of things for my rooms, my theme colors are fuchsia and bright sunshine yellow – so throw pillows, duvet covers etc.

I can’t wait for family, friends, sunshine, beach, tanning, good food and lots of laughter and photo memories <3

What are YOU doing for Christmas?



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snapshots of the weekend

Beautiful weekend! Summer is starting to show itself (for the most part) and Cape Town is alive with the anticipation of Summer.

Friday night was dinner at Banana Jam Cafe in Kenilworth. Delicious cocktails and a huge pizza to share with my bestie :) .

Then Saturday was a lovely late sleep, some household odds and ends (washing, dishes and the like) then to Bradley for a swim and a tan and a lazy afternoon reading.

That evening we had a birthday dinner in  Green Point at El Burro , an awesome Mexican restaurant that I have been dying to try! The Margarita’s, are proper, well-made classics (a choice of frozen or not). We had the Build-you-own tortilla with sirloin steak accompanied with flour tortillas, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, rocket, Mexican beans and the like. So delicious but for some reason not particularly filling?

Sunday was another lazy day of reading, lots of food, a late afternoon braai and What to Expect When You’re expecting movie time :)

Banana Jam Cafe, Bradley and I off to El Burro, Crunchie - sweetest dog ever, Margarita and El Burro, cocktails at Banana Jam, Lazy days at the pool <3

Banana Jam Cafe, Bradley and I off to El Burro, Crunchie - sweetest dog ever, Margarita and El Burro, cocktails at Banana Jam, Lazy days at the pool <3


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snapshots from the weekend

1 - Just before mom's homemade quiche goes into the oven. 2- Bradley and Milo, my two favourites. 3 - flowers from Bradley, best boyfriend ever? 4 - me with Milo. 5 - breakfast at San Marco at the Waterfront. 6 - having ice cream after the aquarium.

This weekend was the perfect combination of relaxation and fun.

Friday night – Hudson’s for burgers and drinks and then tiger after (of course) ;) . Saturday – best day! Waterfront: Amazing breakfast at San Marco, then some retail therapy (for both myself and the Bradley at ZARA and then the aquarium to finally use the tickets I bought Bradley for our 6 month anniversary :)

Sunday was relaxing to the max, reading, playing with the puppies and an early night to be ready for the week!


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Why MOvember? Why not a marathon?

Yes, its a fact … girls hate the time of year when ‘MOvember’ rolls around and wherever you look you have guys sprouting hideous wannabe moustaches, making them look like a porn star from the 70s. Hideous? yes. But ladies, lets give the guys some credit, they are creating awareness for a worthwhile cause.

The aim of MOvember is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shave face and then for the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery - info courtesy of Movember SA.

HOWever, I’d just like to put something out there…. why does it have to be a mo? When girls raise awareness for breast cancer and the like, we do major marathons, we WORK for it. Guys on the other hand skip the exercise and rather sit back and let their facial hair grow (which it does naturally, so that’s not much of a feat).

Just putting it out there … use it don’t use it ;) That being said though, I definitely support the cause, its a goodie, so snaps to the lazy male race ;)

Last weekend we created our own take on ‘MOvember’, here are some snaps.

Do you have any pics of your guy sporting his MO?


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leopard and velvet

I took these photos a little while ago, but this is still hands down one of my favourite outfits for Summer. High-waisted shorts at a little bit of ‘chic’ to an otherwise casual outfit and the leopard flowy top is cool and easy to wear in the hot summer days that are approaching.

Top – YDE

Shorts – YDE

Belt – Vintage



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a little inspiration

Just some inspiration pictures for Friday <3


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all the rage -’bb cream’

So I may be a bit late to the party – but yesterday after much debate, I finally went out and got myself some of the Garnier BB Cream (BB being Blemish Balm).

WHy use BB Cream? Well …

Tinted moisturizers are a great way to cut down on the number of products in your skin care routine. Most tinted moisturizers also contain SPF of at least 15, putting three functions into one product:

    • Light foundation, Moisturizer, Sunscreen

*image courtesy of

What I really wanted was something for the approaching summer season, where you could just spread it on, add some blush and mascara and be ready to go.

Well ladies …. I think I have struck gold! Today is my first day using it, and it feels amazing. A list of pros if you will:

- smells amazing

- glides on smoothly

- doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating

- provides decent coverage although I had to supplement with some foundation on my nose and T-zone area (but this is normal as it is not a foundation)

- it gives a beautiful subtle sheen, perfect for Summer.

- affordable - retails for about R80.

I have heard though, that it last 4 – 6 hours MAX, so we will see :)

Has anyone else used The Garnier BB Cream? Let me know your thoughts!



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