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Why MOvember? Why not a marathon?

Yes, its a fact … girls hate the time of year when ‘MOvember’ rolls around and wherever you look you have guys sprouting hideous wannabe moustaches, making them look like a porn star from the 70s. Hideous? yes. But ladies, lets give the guys some … Continue reading

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leopard and velvet

I took these photos a little while ago, but this is still hands down one of my favourite outfits for Summer. High-waisted shorts at a little bit of ‘chic’ to an otherwise casual outfit and the leopard flowy top is cool and easy to wear in the hot summer … Continue reading

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a little inspiration

Just some inspiration pictures for Friday <3  

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all the rage -’bb cream’

So I may be a bit late to the party – but yesterday after much debate, I finally went out and got myself some of the Garnier BB Cream (BB being Blemish Balm). WHy use BB Cream? Well … Tinted moisturizers are … Continue reading

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silvermine hike

This weekend afforded the Capetonians gorgeous weather! Finally Cape Town is learning – good weather on the weekends and (if it must) bad weather during the week. Saturday was spent lazing at the pool, doing nothing more constructive than turning the pages of my book … Continue reading

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the annex – Kalk Bay’s best kept secret

So this weekend The Bradley and I decided on a little trip to Kalk Bay to The Annex – originally we were going there for their famous Red Velvet Cheesecake but after a quick look at their menu, we just had to try something … Continue reading

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daisies daisies daisies

Better late than never I guess! As the whole of Cape Town knows – and most likely the rest of South Africa too – last weekend was the beautiful time of year where we gather our most stylish rags, pack … Continue reading

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