What Shall I Wear Today ~ It’s all about the print

Another day of admin and running around, blog interviews and such – hence my go-to outfit of Edgars jeggings and my ‘tribal’ print top from YDE, hope you like ladies! xxx

On another note, as you can see I am wearing ‘wicked’ nail polish by Essie.  I have always believed that having well-groomed nails makes for a great first impression when you first meet someone. Looking and feeling put together; being neat and tidy is very important and is a mark of how you see yourself in the world.   I’ve gotten to the point where I have come to terms with the fact that I am far too impatient and, lets face it, really terrible at painting my own nails, so lately I have been getting my nails done at a salon every 2 – 3 weeks. Having just a polish done is highly affordable and so worth it, and I really feel fantastic afterwards. I see it as a treat to myself, and a necessary expense, especially now for me as it is a time I am going for interview after interview to finally find my place in the (fashion) world :)

I have visited Dream Nails to get my nails done, as well as Kimya Spa in Camps Bay and Sorbet in Claremont – all for around R20 – R50, and so well worth it! xx

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2 Responses to What Shall I Wear Today ~ It’s all about the print

  1. Cute outfit! I also love that nail colour. Gorgeous. :)

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