we love ~ Moth Clothing

About two weeks ago I worked with Jo from Moth Clothing; we did a mini ‘photoshoot’ of all her new stock in store at Wardrobe in Vineyard Road, next to Cavendish Square.

Jo’s pieces are all one-of-a-kind, and she sources materials from the most unlikely of places – her fabrics range from vintage pieces to new fabrics sourced around Cape Town. Moth’s stuff is truly beautfiul, and I just want it all!

Some good Ol' Moth regulars with-our nautical themed crops and vintage polka dot pocketed shorts with our new!moth tubetops-in all different colours for all those new summer outfits.

New!Summer Reworked Vintage Shorts with Wardrobes beautiful crochet tops and paisley chain bag

Vintage jumpsuit with an amazing heart print- accessorized with a beautiful patchwork leather shopper and plaited leather belt from wardrobe

New!Summer Reworked Vintage Shorts with our ever popular cotton crop tees accessorized with Wardrobes beautiful floral bag and assorted colour leather belts.

My Favourite! Moths Pocketed Elastic Dress

Such beautiful pieces, don’t you agree? Thanks to Jo for the opportunity to see and try all her new stock… and most of all – have the opportunity to blog about it!

Stay tuned for a ‘Moth goes to Madame Zingara’ piece… you’ll see ;)



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  1. Jess Levy says:

    Beautiful clothes, on a beautiful girl

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