daisies daisies daisies

Better late than never I guess!

As the whole of Cape Town knows – and most likely the rest of South Africa too – last weekend was the beautiful time of year where we gather our most stylish rags, pack minimal food and maximum liquid and trek out into the beautiful winelands of Darling.

For those of you who are living under a rock and have no idea what Rocking the Daisies is – it is a 4 day music festival: now in its fifth year, Rocking the Daisies is the fastest growing eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival in South Africa (courtesy of SA-venues.com).

Rocking the Daisies

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This year was my 4th year at Daisies and it proved to be just as amazing as the previous years combined. Albeit the queues were average, but I guess what can we expect if the venue went from housing 10 0000 people to 15 0000 people with no additional facilities!

Hands down my two favourite performers were Matthew Mole and of course, the ever popular, Jeremy Loops.

Nothing more amazing than listening to Jeremy Loops in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine

If you don’t know who Matthew Mole is – you are missing out! The goosebumps we got while sitting on the grass in the sun listening to his set was just too incredible for words. Take a look at his Facebook Page to see what he is all about. and listen to his stuff here ——> Matthew Mole Tracks


Listening to Matthew Mole, chilling at the tent, The Bradley and I at Jeremy Loops

The food was incredible – we lived on the amazing Hudsons chips for pretty much the whole weekend. There was more than enough types of music to suit everyones taste from amazing local and international bands, electronic beats, the Nu World beat barn is always a winner and so much more!

Hands down though, I would say the best part of it and the part that still gives me goosebumps now when I think about it – is when Bloc Party was in the middle of their set and it the rain came down! The lighting show and the beats and the way it lit up the night was something never to be forgotten!

We were there!

Bubblegum tequila - need I say more?

About 360 days and counting to the next RTD! woooooo! :)



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