synergy live 2012 ~ theewaterskloof dam

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So last weekend was the long-awaited for SYNERGY weekend.
We were full of anticipation as this year was to be a new venue, and no one knew what to expect. The venue was in fact at Theewaterskloof Dam, and what an incredible venue it was, big ups to the synergy event organizers for that!

About and hour and a half drive from Cape Town, the drive is beautiful and not too far to be a mission. The one and only complaint I have is that the parking facilities were far too far away from the tents and carrying ALL of your stuff for the whole weekend is just NOT fun in 30 degree heat. But besides that, I cannot fault anything else. The toilets were always clean (and for someone who generally ALWAYS buys WOSHBOX, this was a big deal), the food was amazing and had plenty of variety to suit everyone’s tastes. Big ups to the Biltong guy, possibly the best invention at a festival. ever.

Despite the wind, Saturdays weather was amazing, spent at the dam as it was the only place to get cool. Water sports, tanning, floating and the like took place and it was all amazingly relaxing.

Blue sky's and up to 30 degree weather, lilo's were the favourite of the day on the dam, thousands of people enjoying the weather and the coolth of the water, jamming to Matthew Mole, Matthew Mole performing, boys being boys :)

It eventually got so hot the only way to stay cool while listening to the bands was to wet t shirts and scarves and wrap them around you. Crazy days :) Hands down my two favourite performances of the day were Al Bairre and Matthew Mole, incredibly talented!

Then as the sun went down, the heat abated and there was a feeling of excitement in the air. The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful, and all the festival goers took a moment to appreciate our beautiful surroundings, a once in a lifetime experience.

Just look at that sunset!

The acts for the evening were all just too incredible for words. The electro stage beats were mesmerizing and festival goers were all as one, enjoying the night and beats. Jack Parow and Prime Circle were the two acts I really wanted to see and they did not disappoint, although Jack Parow did for some reason lay the same song two and half times?!

Jack Parow, Prime Circle x 2, Electro Stage

All in all this was the most amazing weekend and I just wanna go back! Good time with incredible people and a very tired Cath at the end of it all :)

Good friends all round :)

Did you go to SYNERGY? What were your thoughts?


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  1. Anthea says:

    I was there too. It was amazing!

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