a new room ~ a new start

For months I have been looking at redoing my bedroom, and let’s face it, I am no interior designer, I have no knack for such things, but it needed to be done.

This year, starting January 2013, I start my 1st day as a GAP student teacher at a school her in Cape Town. I made the change from office life to teaching as I feel this is more suited to me and i am VERY excited for this challenging new change in my life, 2013 is the year!

So, after much procrastinating, I managed to complete the redecoration process (couldn’t have done it without the help of my lovely boyfriend, who pretty much called the shots and made it turn out beautifully)

And without further ad … the BEFORE pictures….

Shocking I know!

And now the AFTER pictures…

And that’s that!

Here’s to a great year :)


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  1. anel says:

    Aaaaaaand there’s a desk :)

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