a day in the life of a stylist

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Sivan, a stylist at the House of Fashion. The House of Fashion basically sells one-of-a-kind merchandise to retail chain buyers and Only One club members. Located at 153 Loop Street, Cape Town.

Sivan and I had a chat over coffee, surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous garments, and picked apart a typical day of hers to bring you ‘A Day in the Life of a Stylist’

* * *

6.30 am - Wake up time! Sivan either gets a cup of tea made for her by her housemate or her boyfriend (lucky girl).

between 7.30 am and 8am – Sivan either goes to gym, or schedules a morning appointment before heading to work.

9am -Arrives at work and starts by answering all emails and eating breakfast which generally consists of cereal.

10am - a lot of a stylists work is online. So Sivan spends a couple of hours browsing online magazines, looking at various fashion blogs and celebrity news to see what people are wearing now. Being a stylist is also about knowing the right people, so Sivan also spends a lot of time reasearching and phoning people who should know about the House of Fashion, who would be interested, who work for the magazines etc. She makes it her goal to phone 20+ people a day!

11am - This time of the morning is generally reserved for a dressing appoinment. This is when a client comes in with something specific in mind – either they want a dress for a special occasion, or perhaps work attire, or even a a whole revamp of their closet. It is up to Sivan to help her clients find the right look they are hoping for and also to keep them from being overhwelmed, because there are so many things to chooose from, it can be quite a scary task to choose just one garment!

*Sivan likes to keep her dressing appointments to a maximum of 4 per day to ensure quality of time.

*Sometimes magazines come in to choose items for thier next shoot. House of Fashion works with all sorts of magazines from Cosmo to the You, Oprah and Fairlady, Sarie, Glamour, Elle etc.

12pm - Today Sivan was meeting with someone who does all the leathers for Fabiani as House of Fashion is contemplating doing a leather range. Exciting!

12.30pm - Sivan’s next appointment was a meeting to organise a shopping fuction for one of her clients and her clients friends. Basically its a cheese and wine evening where the ladies can shop, try on and purchase some of the gorgeous things at the House of Fashion. A private shopping party who wouldn’t want that!

1pm - Lunchtime! Every single day, Sivan visits the sandwhich place, Yours Truly. Where she says they have the most amazing sandwhiches. By now they know her by name and know that her order will be the rye pumpkin seed roll with cheese, basil and tomato. Sounds delicious!

2pm - Todays appointment is Sivan’s client who is a personal shopper. She in turn is bringing her client to meet Sivan. Sivan needs to help her pick out some work stuff – black pants and white shirts etc.

3pm t0 4pm - can be anything from dressing appoinments, to interviewing new stylists, to emailing and blog surfing etc. A alot of Sivan’s day is also spent in the factory where the House of Fashion does their own alterations for the garments their clients buy. Sivan oversees the alterations and ensures they are being done as per request by her clients.

5pm to 6pm - Not all about a stylists job is glamourous. A lot of time is spent re-hanging the garments, ensuring they are all hung in the right place – the garments are even coded so as to ensure they are all properly organised.

6pm - Home time! Sivan likes to be the last to leave work. Not only because it is the right message to leave her boss, but also beause she loves her job. She believes the more you put in then the more you get out, which is absolutely ytrue!

6.30pm - If the weather is beautiful then a walk on the promenade in Sea Point is one of Sivan’s favourite things to do.

7pm - Dinner time! A typical dinner consists of the Woolowrths herb salad (yummm) or spaghetti bolognese. Another favourie is basmati rice.

8pm - Sivan attends a lot of events, so some evenings will be spent at fashion shows, charity events etc.

10.30pm - Time for bed. Sivan does a bit of blog surfing and then heads to bed around this time, so as to be ready to tackle another eventful day as a stylist.


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