What Shall I Wear Today? ~ beating the heat

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a summer girl through and through; I love the heat, I love the sun and I love the great summer dresses and outfits that can be worn. But oh my word! Cape Town has taken it to a whole other level – it was a crazy 35 degrees in the city yesterday, and with no hint of respite from the heat – the Capetonians are slowly melting.

Stuck in a car the whole day (with no aircon, I might add), I had to wear something as light and cool as possible! Thus I went for my (short) black pencil skirt from Edgars and and the lightest flowy top I own from YDE. It was faaar too hot to wear smarter sandals, so my trusty Mr Price slops fit the bill perfectly :)


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What Shall I Wear Today ~ It’s all about the print

Another day of admin and running around, blog interviews and such – hence my go-to outfit of Edgars jeggings and my ‘tribal’ print top from YDE, hope you like ladies! xxx

On another note, as you can see I am wearing ‘wicked’ nail polish by Essie.  I have always believed that having well-groomed nails makes for a great first impression when you first meet someone. Looking and feeling put together; being neat and tidy is very important and is a mark of how you see yourself in the world.   I’ve gotten to the point where I have come to terms with the fact that I am far too impatient and, lets face it, really terrible at painting my own nails, so lately I have been getting my nails done at a salon every 2 – 3 weeks. Having just a polish done is highly affordable and so worth it, and I really feel fantastic afterwards. I see it as a treat to myself, and a necessary expense, especially now for me as it is a time I am going for interview after interview to finally find my place in the (fashion) world :)

I have visited Dream Nails to get my nails done, as well as Kimya Spa in Camps Bay and Sorbet in Claremont – all for around R20 – R50, and so well worth it! xx

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What Shall I Wear Today? #2

Hello Lovelies,

Well I thought it was about time I did another outfit post; it has been far too long! Today was a day of errands, airport runs and numerous mailing of my CV – thus a simple and  comfortable outfit was high on the list.

When it comes to outfits I like them to be stylish, yet simple – I’m quite the ‘jeans and tee shirt’ kind of girl.  :) OK, so today’s outfit was my new coral top from YDE, my dark jeggings from Edgars, my own vintage belt from my mom, Mr Price slops and bracelets from Thailand.

And on another note – keep fingers and toes crossed for me, waiting on replies for my internship applications!



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a new year, new resolutions and new friends #1

Happy 2012 lovelies! It’s gonna be a good year, I can feel it! :) New Years is all about starting anew, some of us do major ‘spring cleans’, other make resolutions, some of us set goals for the year. Whatever your preference, I think we can all agree that a new year brings us a feeling of hope and excitement to better ourselves and make the new year even better than the last.

So I am going to start off this post by telling you my new years resolution. I generally do not believe in making resolutions, because often they tend to be half-hearted; made amidst the excitement of the new years celebrations. However for me, 2012 is the year that I am dedicating to my career in fashion. It is the year that I am going to find my way into the fashion world, meet people, network like crazy and high up on the list: do some fantastic blog posts.

So for 2012 my goal for my blog is to blog a miniumn of 52 posts this year (a minimum of 1 a week). I know this sounds so simple and I should really be doing one a day, bu I never stick to it, so I am starting off slowly …. its going to be a good one! :)

I am ending off this post with some photos of what I have been up to during this beautiful Cape Ton summer, what a wonderful summer it has been!

A day watching cricket with good friends <3

A day spent out on the Peroni yacht on the beautiful Cape Town seas


St Yves Durex Party - great fun!


New Years Alice in Wonderland Party


Beach days as well as manicures & pedicures <3


Getting makeup done and sushi lunches - amazing <3


Some inspirational words I surround myself with


A special friends Birthday lunch <3



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The Cloak and Dagger ~ Store Opening*

 This piece of wisdom is the first thing that catches the eyes as you walk into the Cloak & Dagger … the hottest new store in Claremont owned by my beuatiful friend Gretel.

And just last week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the newest store in Vineyard Road —> The Cloak and Dagger! Located at 10 Vineyard Road, Claremont – just up from The Lot and The Wardrobe, next to Cavendish, this stylish new store is a must-visit boutique to add to that summer wardrobe.

Designers include the likes of Vamp, Cottage, Made with Love, Black, Bow Peep, Thrift and so on. Filled with beautiful goodies such a high-waisted denim shorts, jumpsuits, shoes, jewellery, hair pieces and dresses to complete any fashionistas dreams :)

The Cloak & Dagger is described as “A fashionable, modern vintage boutique consisting of the season’s latest “must-haves” and “vintage beauties”. Cloak & Dagger is supplied by popular designers, well known to those who regularly visit fashion markets and stores.”


So ladies,  do yourself a favour, pop in for some retail therapy! xxx



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St Yves – Durex For Play Cape Town Party


Waiting to dazzle guests as they walked in to ST Yves Beach Club in Camps Bay on a beautiful Cape own summer evening was a vodka ice fountain with a touch of flavoured lube, bubble wrapped walls and complimentary products for everyone.

Those who attended this invite-only party included a number of celebs and the A-list of Cape Town. As guests arrived on the red carpet, they were treated to a shot from the vodka ice fountain  and then were allowed to  warm up in one of the themed product chill rooms that allow you to relax for a massage in the warmth while fire dancers turn up the heat. Additionally there was the Play Tingle Chill room which you could visit to will cool you down if things got too heated.

The deck was themed according to the Play cherry and piña colada lubes, and the massage area was themed around the warming lube. Delicious canapes were served to guests, while they drank champagne and watched the sun set over Camps Bay.

Entertainment included the likes of Gareth Cliff who got the crowd dancing, followed by Crazy White Boy. Later into the evening Goldfish brought the house down with their funky beats before Roger Goode kept the party people rocking till the early hours of the morning.

Celebrities included Tracey McGregor, Landi Swanepoel, Vannessa Haywood, Ryan Sandes and Natalie Becker making appearances. I think for most, the highlight of the evening was the Durex photo wall and autograph walls.

On departure each guest received a goody bag filled with the Durex product range to take home and continue the Durex adventure. All Durex lubricants are water based, non- staining and irritant free to ensure that nothing stops the fun. For those with a more playful side, Durex offers the Play Devices, which include Play Vibrations, Play Ultra and Play Touch, which all offer a unique sensation experience. Durex products, along with the condoms are available at all major retailers as well as Clicks and Dischem stores.

*Press release courtesy of the Little Black Book PR & Events

* Photos courtesy of Werner Ryke & Peter Watson


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bobbi brown makeup session

Last week I attended the Durex For Play Cape Town Party at St Yves in Camps Bay. Being a VIP event, where celebrities and Cape Town’s A-list would be attending, I needed to look the part … and what better way to do that than to have my makeup professionally done at Bobbi Brown. How exciting!

My makeup artist was the wonderfully talented Yasmina Effendi, and she did such an amazing job, I simply cannot thank her enough!

Myself and my socialite friend Tara Robb had a wonderful afternoon filled with Vida E coffees, Sushi from Caviar and lots of girly gossip.

Such a wonderful afternoon, thank you Yasmina! Stay tuned for the next post on the party and some exciting photos!



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What Shall I Wear Today? the little black dress ~ the front

I bought this cute little black dress from China Town last week, how gorgeous?! This is a preview of the front, and soon I’ll upload the back. Take a look at the lace detail along the neckline, its so pretty, and gives a feminine touch to the ‘all-black’.



preview of the back coming soon


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a day in the life of a stylist

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Sivan, a stylist at the House of Fashion. The House of Fashion basically sells one-of-a-kind merchandise to retail chain buyers and Only One club members. Located at 153 Loop Street, Cape Town.

Sivan and I had a chat over coffee, surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous garments, and picked apart a typical day of hers to bring you ‘A Day in the Life of a Stylist’

* * *

6.30 am - Wake up time! Sivan either gets a cup of tea made for her by her housemate or her boyfriend (lucky girl).

between 7.30 am and 8am – Sivan either goes to gym, or schedules a morning appointment before heading to work.

9am -Arrives at work and starts by answering all emails and eating breakfast which generally consists of cereal.

10am - a lot of a stylists work is online. So Sivan spends a couple of hours browsing online magazines, looking at various fashion blogs and celebrity news to see what people are wearing now. Being a stylist is also about knowing the right people, so Sivan also spends a lot of time reasearching and phoning people who should know about the House of Fashion, who would be interested, who work for the magazines etc. She makes it her goal to phone 20+ people a day!

11am - This time of the morning is generally reserved for a dressing appoinment. This is when a client comes in with something specific in mind – either they want a dress for a special occasion, or perhaps work attire, or even a a whole revamp of their closet. It is up to Sivan to help her clients find the right look they are hoping for and also to keep them from being overhwelmed, because there are so many things to chooose from, it can be quite a scary task to choose just one garment!

*Sivan likes to keep her dressing appointments to a maximum of 4 per day to ensure quality of time.

*Sometimes magazines come in to choose items for thier next shoot. House of Fashion works with all sorts of magazines from Cosmo to the You, Oprah and Fairlady, Sarie, Glamour, Elle etc.

12pm - Today Sivan was meeting with someone who does all the leathers for Fabiani as House of Fashion is contemplating doing a leather range. Exciting!

12.30pm - Sivan’s next appointment was a meeting to organise a shopping fuction for one of her clients and her clients friends. Basically its a cheese and wine evening where the ladies can shop, try on and purchase some of the gorgeous things at the House of Fashion. A private shopping party who wouldn’t want that!

1pm - Lunchtime! Every single day, Sivan visits the sandwhich place, Yours Truly. Where she says they have the most amazing sandwhiches. By now they know her by name and know that her order will be the rye pumpkin seed roll with cheese, basil and tomato. Sounds delicious!

2pm - Todays appointment is Sivan’s client who is a personal shopper. She in turn is bringing her client to meet Sivan. Sivan needs to help her pick out some work stuff – black pants and white shirts etc.

3pm t0 4pm - can be anything from dressing appoinments, to interviewing new stylists, to emailing and blog surfing etc. A alot of Sivan’s day is also spent in the factory where the House of Fashion does their own alterations for the garments their clients buy. Sivan oversees the alterations and ensures they are being done as per request by her clients.

5pm to 6pm - Not all about a stylists job is glamourous. A lot of time is spent re-hanging the garments, ensuring they are all hung in the right place – the garments are even coded so as to ensure they are all properly organised.

6pm - Home time! Sivan likes to be the last to leave work. Not only because it is the right message to leave her boss, but also beause she loves her job. She believes the more you put in then the more you get out, which is absolutely ytrue!

6.30pm - If the weather is beautiful then a walk on the promenade in Sea Point is one of Sivan’s favourite things to do.

7pm - Dinner time! A typical dinner consists of the Woolowrths herb salad (yummm) or spaghetti bolognese. Another favourie is basmati rice.

8pm - Sivan attends a lot of events, so some evenings will be spent at fashion shows, charity events etc.

10.30pm - Time for bed. Sivan does a bit of blog surfing and then heads to bed around this time, so as to be ready to tackle another eventful day as a stylist.


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the lot launch ~ canal walk

Last Thursday I went to the launch of The Lot at Canal Walk, and what a fantastic evening it was! Conveniently located opposite Honey Child and YDE, this is the place to be at Canal Walk. On arrival we were spoiled with champagne and red velvet cupcakes as well as a personal tour of the new store by owner, Ash Battle.

Red Velvet Cupcakes - to die for!

Red Velvet Cupcakes - to die for!

Gorgeous black and white canvas prints adorned the walls and sets the scene for a retro shopping experience. And the clothes! What beautiful pieces there were, I simply did not know where to look first! There were maxi dresses, gorgeous jumpsuits, crop tops, high-waisted denim shorts and so much more.

Black and white retro photos

Black and white retro photos

The Lot Merchandise

The Lot Merchandise

The Lot Merchandise

The Lot Merchandise

The Lot Merchandise

'Spoilt' Swimwear


The ladies could have their nails done by Nail Dresses; ‘I <3 the Lot’ Nail Dresses were made for the occasion. Too lovely!

'Nail Dressing'

Girls being girls, my friend Tara and I had about 15 pieces to try on; eventually we narrowed it down to two gorgeous pieces – Tara bought a gorgeous cardigan and I am absolutely in love with the polka dot vest I bought, lucky girls!

Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress UpPlaying Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

There was also a small section of Wardrobe pieces, a store which Ash also owns. I also was lucky enough to meet Jo Alexander who owns the clothing label Moth Clothing – also such beautiful pieces!

'The Wardrobe' pieces

'The Wardrobe' pieces

'The Wardrobe' pieces

'The Wardrobe' piecesJo Alexander & Ash BattleJo Alexander & Ash Battle

Jo Alexander & Ash Battle

Jo Alexander & Ash Battle


I <3 the Lot

All in all the shop looked aboslutely amazing, and there is no doubt that it will be hugely successful!
Congratulations Ash!xxx
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